GERMERSDORF CONSULTING supports manufacturers and operators in CE-conformity of their products and machines, in the development of lean and effective quality management systems as well as in challenges related to the safe operation of installations in explosive atmospheres.

Conscientious. Transparent. Agile.

I am pleased to welcome you here. You have found more than a specialist here: A personality to work with pleasantly, professionally and purposefully.

Professional know-how can be found everywhere. What makes the difference is human encounter and mutual trust. This is a core element and a prerequisite for my work.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.B.Eng. Thorsten Germersdorf
(Consultant, Auditor, Inspector and Trainer)

Consulting approach


Behind every machine is a human being. Behind every human being is a family. That’s my motivation. Product safety and safe operation are particularly close to my heart.

Simply complexity.

I am thrilled to explain complex things to people in such a way that they become clear and logical. Documents alone do not make your products safe.


Product and operational safety are teamwork and not a first-person show. I accompany you and your team not only with my professional know-how.

Satisfied customers


I also work for notified bodies (NoBo) of the European Commission and IECEx CB as well. I am an ATEX/IECEx Auditor and Inspector for machinery safety according 2006/42/EC (Annex I).

Consulting areas

The range of consulting is divided into six areas. These areas are based on the product/machine life cycle: development of safe products, safe production and safe operation.

I accompany and advise you from the product idea to the professional product phase out. The focus is on safety in all product life cycle phases, of course also against the business background.

Blog (currently only in german)


Wie funktionieren Zündschutzarten für elektrische Geräte eigentlich?

Hersteller von elektrischen Geräten im Sinne der ATEX Richtlinie 2014/34/EU können harmonisierte Normen der Reihe EN 60079-ff zur Erfüllung des Anhang II (GSGA) verwenden. Eine Anwendung dieser EN Normen erzeugt die sogenannte Konformitätsvermutung. Falls andere Beschaffenheitsanforderungen, die nicht den EN Normen entnommen sind, angewendet werden gilt immer die Beweislastumkehr.